Fully digitised service

In keeping with the objective of embracing innovation, ADGM Arbitration Centre has placed a particular emphasis on meeting the technological requirements of the parties and providing a fully digitised service. This is in line with ADGM’s vision of positioning itself as a leading internationally recognised financial centre with a truly unique hearing centre for arbitration.

The Centre’s use of smart technology will be of great assistance to parties with the conduct of their arbitration and is geared towards enhancing efficiency and ease of working. Specifically, the Centre’s infrastructure provides for:

  • the use of cutting edge software for case preparation and presentation of evidence (including in relation to real-time transcript)
  • strong and reliable WiFi coverage
  • ceiling based microphone array-speakers/discussion system for sound reinforcement
  • video conferencing facilities using a multi camera solution
  • room facility control pads
  • projectors/large format display placement for video conferencing and presentations
  • live audio and video for breakout rooms
  • video monitoring (no sound) for security purposes