Mediation Facilities

ADGM Arbitration Centre is open to all who wish to book rooms or other facilities for mediations. ADGM Arbitration Centre has been designed with flexibility in mind, meaning that parties are able to ‘design’ the best suited layout for their mediation. It can cater for mediations of all sizes up to a maximum capacity of 60 participants. The Centre includes dedicated breakout rooms, which are both secure and sound-proof along with associated amenities and services geared towards realising the Centre’s goal of being a global leader in alternative dispute resolution.

ADGM Arbitration Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art technology geared towards enhancing efficiency and ease of working including:  

  • strong and reliable WiFi coverage  
  • ceiling-based microphone array-speakers/discussion system for sound reinforcement
  • video conferencing facilities using a multi camera solution that can accommodate remote participation
  • large format display for video conferencing and document presentations
  • video monitoring for security purposes

ADGM Courts Court-Annexed Mediation

ADGM Courts are pleased to provide a court-annexed mediation service to better serve the increasing demand for mediation solutions and services for ADGM entities and litigants before ADGM Courts.

This service is designed to ensure that litigants and the ADGM community can explore and achieve a settlement of their disputes by accessing alternative dispute resolution options with internationally accredited mediators from ADGM Courts.

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